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Enfnts Terribles, 07/11/2016

Today November 8th will be a historic day, because the American People will finally cast their votes and YES, they will send ‘The Donald’ to the White House. So maybe, quick, let’s have a little more innocent fun with this ‘enfant terrible’, before he will cast The Trump Apocalypse upon us.

We all know how important one’s personal music taste is and especially the opinions of others about it, right? Sometimes it can even be such an extremely sensitive topic that we should consider Free Choice Of Music becoming a universal human right. Why do we have a right to an attorney for the biggest criminals, but no legal means when someone is mocking our personal music preferences?

That’s why everyone should realize that mocking Trump’s personal musical preferences is a no-go zone, too, and provoking or even denying it is a dangerous game to play. However, nobody seems to care and everyone laughs with him, especially Hillary, standing hand in hand with Beyoncé and Jay Z and the whole music scene. Leaving him in a musical Bermuda triangle could prove to be very dangerous, if not lethal for the whole world:

The Donald Music History

It all began in his second grade, when Little Donald hit his music teacher a black eye. Deeply disappointed, traumatized, he confessed: “I didn’t think she knew anything about music.” (Michael D’Antonio’s recent bio Never Enough) This childhood moment illustrates how Trump’s young musical-ego was already denied and how the Trump character reacted in such a conflict. Some day this incident might be considered a pivotal moment in history, similar to 9/11 and what happened after with Al Qaida and ISIS, I’m afraid.

In 2015 Bernie Sanders decided to humiliate Trump, by announcing The Donald’s love for Nickelback… Say what? There’s nothing wrong with Nickelback. At EnfntsTerribles we all love this kind of boys bands, look e.g. at our story about The revival of the boysband Tee. Was it wise for Mr Sanders to stick the knife deeper in The Donald’s musical wound?

So finally, after Jay Z and Beyoncé showed their support for Hillary last Friday, together with almost the whole music industry, and proved the world and the black communities that Hillary had an excellent music taste, I decided to help the Funny Guy. Standing all alone by himself, deeply humiliated, on this big podium without any musical back-up, he needed someone by his side talking about the (maybe sometimes invisible) musicians who do support him, to prove what only music can do, that Donald Trump is in touch with the Average Joe, just like me and you.

The Freedom Girls

How can you not love The Freedom Girls performing the Donald Trump Jam? They are 100% innocent and oh so cute. The Donald is so good with children. Because of them crooked Hillary had to play the Jay Z and Beyoncé card.

Eagles of Death Metal?

We love their music, and their opinions on Fox Business Network even more. I’m not sure if more guns are the answer to all our problems, but if Trump has his way, their Duran Duran cover ‘Save A Prayer’ could sound just perfect with all the gunshots in your neighborhood.

Kid Rock

Yes, when Trump cancels the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, maybe not all will survive the flood around 2040, but those who will can enjoy Kid Rock classic ‘All Summer Long’ the whole year through!

Ted Nugent, Loretta Lynn, Aaron Carter, Azealia Bank

These world famous, high quality artists supporting Trump don’t need any introduction.

Too little, too late?

As you can see, it’s not all that bad. The list of world famous artists supporting Donald Trump looks almost endless. All the attempts by some of those other artists in the music industry, trying to distance themselves from The Donald, seem to suggest that Donald Trump is not in touch with the music industry. This irresponsible actions could turn out to be very explosive, considering man’s alpha male temper with his fingers on the nuclear code. Of course they are unacceptable. They might have created a monster seeking for revenge when he’s in charge after the elections!

There’s been a lot of talk, maybe too much talk about this elections: Will voters turn their heads from this ugly campaign denying fundamental human (music) rights, and decide to stay home? Anyhow, Hillary is not the champion of the poor and her playing the racial-music card won’t work. Yes, she will win the hearts & minds of hipsters with this, but eg the black community knows presenting Jay Z and Beyoncé is just a cheap trick and Hillary will not help them out of their misery after the elections.

I hope this article can still change the public opinion about The Donald’s taste for music. Otherwise The Donald will surely want his revenge, musicians first. But as today is election day already, this effort might be too little, too late…